Saturday, May 7, 2011

Whole Earth Festival

The Egghead sculpture with his huge beanie for the weekend was the best part!

So this afternoon I headed on over to the Whole Earth Festival  on campus. My plans to meet up with some people fell through, so I enjoyed a bit of hippy watching and took a few pics to share with you guys.

After the jump, more festival, food and fashion!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Musings: Crayons & A Self-Portrait

So this afternoon I went through and organized my art box. I've decided to purge my art supplies and give some of them to people who will actually use them. I reached my visual arts peak at about age 8, and don't anticipate a major revival anytime soon.  I don't need that much Bristol board under my bed collecting dust.

I found I had 4 boxes of Crayolas in the denominations of 8, 16, 24 and 64. This was just unacceptable. So I organized them all by color. Then I put the 64 best ones (below) for me to keep, and filled up the 16 and 24 boxes with good assortments of colors to give away. For those of you doing the math, at least 8 were broken and thrown away. Yes, I know that they could have been used, or melted into a mega crayon,  but who really wants a broken crayon?

I did learn something interesting while going through all those crayons. Were you aware that red violet and violet red are different? And are apparently both very popular colors? Can you see the difference? You can click the photo for higher resolution and to zoom.

My childhood enthusiasm for a variety of crayons is perhaps the origin of my fascination with color names (see my Denim geography posts: North American, international). It's interesting how different people (especially the professionals at Crayola) chose to describe something in words that is by definition visual.
My carefully assembled box of my 64 best crayons.
I remember at one point having a set with more than 100 colors, so I went online to see what amounts are out there.  I found something amazing: 

This 150-count telescoping crayon tower with storage case and sharpener is a beautiful thing. And it's only $20, $16.75 on Amazon! It's so important to be able to see everything at once (see my jewelry collection). This makes me want to get some new coloring books, that's for sure. 

In actual art, instead of art supply news, I found a self-portrait of mine while going through my pads of paper, entitled " 'Myself': Age 14". I'm glad I had the foresight to date it. I'm going to be 24 this month. Weird.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

Portland, OR: Cinco de Mayo Fiesta
Before we get to the fun parts of Cinco de Mayo, we have to first talk a little bit about the holiday. Let's start off by talking about what Cinco de Mayo is not. It is not the Mexican Fourth of July (Independence Day).  Mexico's Independence Day is September 16, and celebrates the beginning of their War for Independence from Spain in 1810. So if the Fifth of May doesn't celebrate Mexican Independence, what does it commemorate? The Mexican Army's 1862 victory over French Imperial Troops at the Battle of Pueblo, of course.  I recommend heading on over to the Wiki article for a bit more background. TIME magazine comments on the significance of this battle, "Mexico was still occupied by the French a year later, but the Puebla victory came to symbolize unity and pride for what seemed like a Mexican David defeating a French Goliath" (from the article, "Top 10 Drunken Holidays").
The Battle of Puebla, May 5, 1862
Cinco de Mayo is celebrated in the Mexican State of Pueblo, but otherwise it is an American Holiday. It is a day on which those of Mexican Decent and Gringos alike can celebrate the contributions of Mexican Culture to the United States; whether that be through music, food, dance,  or yes, downing a few cervezas y margaritas

After the jump, lots more about  Cinco de Mayo.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A few Mexican-inspired looks

Old Navy Maxi Skirt, Target Scarf,  Gap V-neck T
"You're the only person in the world who goes shopping for Cinco de Mayo. Mexican people already have appropriate clothes."
My best friend may be right, but after working on my gringa musings on Cinco de Mayo for tomorrow, I felt like putting together outfit incorporating some bright Mexican inspired colors and prints. I found this lightweight bufanda with an Aztec inspired print at Target and paired it with my favorite white maxi skirt.

 ON Gauze Top, Alloy Skirt (availble in XS-XXXL)
This second outfit is a bit more evening. This Gauze  top comes in a rainbow of colors, I chose the boldest, 'Warm Sunset'.  If you like this blouse, you may also want to check out the Trends We Love section of the site which lots of cute "Mexicali" pieces. Since Cinco de Mayo is an American holiday what's more appropriate than buying something Mexican-inspired manufactured in India at an Old Navy in Vacaville, California? Nada. Nothing is more appropriate.

I also think the outfit looks cute with my summer bag for this season (from The Sak)
The above skirt can also be worn as a dress. I defined the waist with a skinny gold belt (Old Navy) and added my Mom's necklace (Chico's).

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Met Gala Faves

So in the midst of all the killing Osama news, some of us may have temporarily lost focus on fashion. I did. But then I was reminded that the Met Costume Institute Gala was last night, honoring Alexander McQueen. In case you missed it as well, here are a few pics to catch you up.  I'm not including the ugly or unremarkable gowns, just my faves. You should head on over to E! Online for the whole slideshow to find your own favorites and flops!
I love Jennifer's look here. Some were making fun of the flower shrug and it is over the top, but that's the whole point of this event. Perhaps I've been spending too much time on Lucille Bluth and her floral brooches and am desensitized. Either way, J. Lo has enough of a presence to really wear it.

After the Jump, lots more great gowns!

Arrested Fashion: Motherboy

Mother's Day is just around the corner (Sunday May 8th in the US, international readers, check your calenders).  Have you figured out how you're going to let Mom know you care this year?

Matching outfits are one way to demonstrate and strengthen the bond between parent and child. Lucille and Buster Bluth take this bond to another level with their participation (25 times) in Motherboy, a dinner dance celebrating Mother-Son bonding.

Lucille and Buster are not the only Bluths to coordinate their outfits, Michael and Gob and their respective sons also get in on the fun. 

Monday, May 2, 2011

The Tie-Dye Continues...

Old Navy Denim Vest
Among the benefits of living at home with one's parents after college, in addition to the financial solvency, is the ability to continue sharing clothes with your Mom. The dress and all of the necklaces I pair with it are from my Mom's collection.
I especially love this jade pendant!
After the jump, more variations on this outfit and a look at my jewelry collection and organization system!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Arrested Fashion: A Fabulous Dress

 Lindsay Bluth is not afraid of color or pattern. This flowy green dress is a great example of her everyday glamour.  I found a dress that has the same graphic movement and bold colors. This outfit would be good for a party in the penthouse or going out to the Single's club.

Check it out after the jump!

Arrested Fashion: Penthouse Party!

You said you didn't have a family?
Back detail
I admire how often the Bluths throw parties. It is important to celebrate each other and life's little and big accomplishments. It also gives them plenty of occasions to dress up. After the jump, more Penthouse party pics and I recreate Lindsay's outfit.