Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Colors for Fall

Highs are still in the 90's here in California's Central Valley, and I'm getting really tired of having to wear my summer outfits for student teaching. Something about deeper tones feels more professional. It will still be hot here for another month, but here are some transition and fall pieces I'm eying for my new teacher wardrobe.

ASOS: Curve
Forever 21+
Ruche Curvy

This Old Navy Dress, like the first one, will be good for the hot weather now, and cute with a sweater later. The color makes it feel more fall.

Old Navy Plus
ASOS Curve

This wine colored-knit skirt will look so cute with all the boots I bought last season working at Piperlime, and looks quite cozy to wear into winter with leggings. Here's more of that color over at Old Navy's standard line. A knit maxi would also be great for our mild falls, and solve my problem of finding a teacher approved hemline.

Old Navy

I have very little need for a heavy coat, but I love this retro styling and color.

Dorothy Perkins

What colors are you excited about this season? Your favorite thing about fall fashion?