Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Arrested Fashion: Motherboy

Mother's Day is just around the corner (Sunday May 8th in the US, international readers, check your calenders).  Have you figured out how you're going to let Mom know you care this year?

Matching outfits are one way to demonstrate and strengthen the bond between parent and child. Lucille and Buster Bluth take this bond to another level with their participation (25 times) in Motherboy, a dinner dance celebrating Mother-Son bonding.

Lucille and Buster are not the only Bluths to coordinate their outfits, Michael and Gob and their respective sons also get in on the fun. 

"As one entered sexual maturity, and the other one left it, it became harder to win."

Motherboy XXX: Lucille gets George Michael to sub for the Buster.
"Do you think enough time has passed for Sonny & Cher?" "Who?"
"And now from the land of Gypsie's Lucille Bluth and her orphan grandson."
NOTE: 'Gypsy' is considered a negative appellation, Roma is the preferred term nowadays.

"I'm Peter Pan, and you're Captain Hook, we'll pretend it's part of the costume. Let's dance."

Lucille: I tried to convince them [the Army] that he [Buster] was gay, but no one would believe that a woman like me would have a gay son.
Michael: Well you certainly tried, you wore matching outfits until he was 12.
Narrator: Once even on a magazine cover, which had been mocked in the family for years.

"Keepin' it Fresh!"

Lucille isn't the only one who matches her clothing to her (grand) children.  Gob and Michael also get into the act with matching banana stand uniforms.

"A Frozen Banana that WON'T make you sick and kill you!"

I love Gob and Steve Holt's shirts. The remind me a lot of Tommy Bahama's classic yet sophisticated Hawaiian print shirts. They're our go to gift for my Dad. Perfect for father's day next month. Here's an example.

At the office Christmas Party

Steve and Uncle Mike in matching Puma gear for the Father-Son Triathlon at the Church & State Fair

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  1. i especially love lucille as cher. it's a great look for her