Sunday, May 1, 2011

Arrested Fashion: Penthouse Party!

You said you didn't have a family?
Back detail
I admire how often the Bluths throw parties. It is important to celebrate each other and life's little and big accomplishments. It also gives them plenty of occasions to dress up. After the jump, more Penthouse party pics and I recreate Lindsay's outfit.

Heather Silk Blouse
Hive & Honey Mixed Media Necklace
To recreate the look of the embellished top, I chose a neutral silk racerback blouse and added a mixed media necklace. This great pair of nude Gap Design Edition Pumps completes the look, while a cropped pant shows of the cute ankle strap.

Slim Crop Pants
Ankle-Strap Pump
Rebecca Taylor One Shoulder Dress
At Linsday & Tobias' Anniversary Party on Valentine's Day
Nanette Lepore
Don't forget my girlfriend! (check out that red fur stole)

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