Monday, May 2, 2011

The Tie-Dye Continues...

Old Navy Denim Vest
Among the benefits of living at home with one's parents after college, in addition to the financial solvency, is the ability to continue sharing clothes with your Mom. The dress and all of the necklaces I pair with it are from my Mom's collection.
I especially love this jade pendant!
After the jump, more variations on this outfit and a look at my jewelry collection and organization system!

Mother's '80s  bag
This Indian beaded pouch is ideal for holding one's wampum.

And now some photos of my jewelry organization. Urban Outfitters has some great jewelry storage options, and the white birdcage jewelry stand I use is still available. Recently, I have also seen great jewelry stands for earrings at Forever 21 and Marshall's. If you don't have a good display system for your earrings, in particular, I greatly encourage you to get on that. Being able to see everything at once really makes a difference!

ASOS Chunky Domed Bangle
A great magnetic storage system gifted by my childhood best friend, perfect for my brooches and other non-everyday items.
I know you don't see much of my earrings since my dress form doesn't have ears, but they are by far my favorite type of jewelry!
Spinning Birdcage Jewelry Stand

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