Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Arrested Fashion: Fur

Much like robes, animal skin-based clothing is a staple in the Bluth family wardrobe. They maintain the illusion of their lifestyle by wearing lots of fur and leather. I've already taken a brief look at the Bluths and leather here. Today we'll be looking at the Bluths furry fashion highlights, plus a look at my vintage fur and my fur philosophy.

Our very first meeting of Lucille Bluth: "You're going to be splattered with red paint, so that's going to distract the eye"- Michael

I'm not a vegetarian and I wear leather.  There is, however,  no excuse for buying a new fur. There are so many great furs out there in vintage shops, and they can always be retooled into more modern shapes. I have a lovely mink stole gifted by my Cousin Vicki, so that even if you want to wear fur there is no need to kill more animals.  Conversely, if the animal has already been killed, it might as well get worn so it won't have died in vain.

And finally, another favorite exchange:

Lindsay: I care deeply for nature
Michael:You're wearing ostrich skin boots
Lindsay: Well, I don't care about ostriches

I can admit that I don't care a ton about ostriches either.

"Luz, that coat costs more that your house!" "That's how we kid, she doesn't even have a house."
Luz waiting for the bus with Lucille's furs.
"This one looks like it would have put up a fight."
Tobias demonstrating his cat-like agility, and driving the point home with a fur vest.
Tobias in Lucille's seal skin coat: "I'm serrogating your mother."
To conclude, I'll share a picture of my vintage mink stole and fur hat. There are tons of these type of lovely pieces out there, so there's no reason to kill more animals.  That being said, there's no reason not to wear a piece where the animal was killed decades ago. Their sacrifice should not have been in vain. Fur can even be retooled into more modern shapes, or can be recycled to add trim to a garment. What do you think about my fur philosophy?

Target dress
With a fur hat and vintage suitcase for travel.

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  1. i LOVE the last picture with your dress form. also i don't care for ostriches either. birds often freak me out when i think about the fact that they're anatomically/evolutionarily extant dinosaurs