Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Musings: Green Shoes Galore

 ModCloth: Keen on Kelly Wedge

Today I'm going to talk about (i.e. post pictures of) bright green shoes. I recently consigned this pair (below) that I wore on my 21st Birthday in France. They lived a full life that night. It was time for them to move on after having been worn only once or twice since. I'll always have the pictures and the memories.

Miss Sixty

But of course, now, I have a green shoe-sized hole in my heart (closet). I also just got a really cute navy dress with green polka dots, and am thus looking for a cute but comfortable shoe to go with it to wear to school. With that said, here are some of the adorable green shoes out there that caught my eye.

Chartreuse Be Told Flat

My friend Jess got these affordable little chartreuse oxfords while we were checking out a boutique in SF (Sway) a couple weeks ago. They are too cute, and the color more vibrant in real life.

After the jump, as you would expect, lots more green shoes.

Arrested Fashion: Bluth Wedding Style

The Bluths love a family gathering. And what family gathering is more important than a wedding. They step up their style appropriately.

George Michael & Maeby's Fake Wedding at the Hospital for the Alzheimer's patients:

After the jump, George Senior and Lucille renew their vows, and the whole family comes together to throw Michael and Rita a surprise wedding!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Plus-Size Work Basics

As I mentioned in my last post, I'm starting school and the placement in the school where I will be student teaching next month. I'm projecting my anxiety onto concern about my wardrobe. I don't own one white shirt or one pair of black pants. But since I'm just learning to be a teacher, I'm not rolling in the dough quite yet. My host teacher has assured me that the dress code is business casual, so there's no reason for immediate concern.  That being said, here are some basic white button-downs and work pants that I'm eying to pair with the bold colors from my last post.

Old Navy Plus Ruffle Oxford
Old Navy