Saturday, April 9, 2011

Arrested Fashion: Robes & Slippies

"I don't want you thinking your uncle is some sleazy character from the docks"
On Arrested Development, robes of all stripes are featured prominently on both men and women. Silk, terry cloth, kimono style, they're all there. A life of leisure requires an extensive robe wardrobe.

After the jump, my Bluth family robe photo essay!
Three great Bluth robes! If you look closely, you can see that Lucille is wearing Buster's truck print robe.
Buster in a striped robe, Oscar in a hippy tunic.
As always, Michael is the sensible one, right down to the robe
 Tobias getting ready for the Boat Party at the Four Seasons
Gob in Lucille II's robe and slippies.
"Let's get his pants back on."

Sleeping in the Copy Room in his "Singapore Air" Robe
"8:01, curtain has risen." Tobias on stand-by as a Blue Man Group understudy.
George Sr. hiding in the attic in terry cloth.
Tobias breaking into "blind" prosecutor Maggie Lizer's house, wearing her robe.
Again, masking himself in Maggie's scent.
"Mama's letting loose."
Lucille 2 in her feathered floral robe, steadying her vertigo on her ship's wheel. I love her randomly nautical apartment.
Romantic Spa Day: Dragon, Michael, Lindsay & Tobias
Blogger's Note: A Lindsay-specific robe post can be found here.

Bonus Shortie Robe: Will Arnett on 30 Rock (click image to watch him twirl!)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Musings: Belly Flops!

Moorea Bikini Bottom
Unfortunate design choice from the generally very savvy Athleta. Perhaps it would be improved if it was a reverse ombré with the green at the bottom? Gap had a similar ruffle problem last season. Of course, in the arena lady parts fashion faux pas, nothing beats this dress.

And in children's swimwear news...

While Athleta's fail was amusing, Abercrombie Kid's 'Ashley' push up bikini tops for girls as young 8 is unconscionable.   On the other hand, I'm not surprised at all. Abercrombie is perpetually in poor taste (to put it mildly)  I headed on over to their girls' swimwear section, where they pulled the top after a failed renaming attempt. Aside from the grown-up style bikinis, I noticed that there were no one pieces or tankinis. Not a one. In this age of skin cancer awareness, that is surprising! As a plus size girl, I may be particularly partial to one piece maillots, however, I think they are important to any girl's (of any age) swim wardrobe.

After the jump, a few suits from Gap Kids & Old Navy that I think are adorable, stylish AND age appropriate:

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Another floral dress!

 Secondhand dress & bag
 Old Navy gold braided belt

Necklaces: ModCloth (whale), Urban Outfitters ('amour' pendant/arrow)

A Favorite T!

So when I was in elementary school one of my nicknames was Eeyore, due to my sardonic wit (also a early sign of depression, but this isn't a mental health blog).  So I was so excited when I saw this shirt at Torrid. It was just meant to be it's as a) Eeyore b) In French c) Fashion: It's a pun on "J'adore Dior" d) plus size to boot!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hipster Plaid

Old Navy plaid shirt dress, braided leather belt stolen from my Dad
Grandmother's vintage Gucci handbag.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A bold animal print, for day and night

A new discovery I'm really excited about is the British site ASOS. Their Curve plus size line is so stylish!
Styled for day:
Vintage handbag, Nuggard Designs chain necklace (from Piperlime)

A few lovely dresses!

Batik dress from Target ($20), necklace gifted by New Zealand relatives.

Ensemble: Going out

Old Navy Ruffle Tank, Old Navy Plus Ruffle skirt (clearance for $19.97), Hive & Honey ribbon tie necklace (piperlime), Coach bag

Monday, April 4, 2011

Style Icon: Eminem

"I want to be remembered as a fashion icon because man, do I know how to f*cking dress." (See the video)

It's rare the the internet disappoints me.  I do feel however that not enough has been said about  Eminem's recent wardrobe transformation. For those of you who don't know, I love Eminem. Yeah I know it's weird for a bourgeois feminist with a gay best friend. But there you go.  I think he's a brilliant storyteller.  From a physical perspective, he was one of my favorite heartthrobs as a teen. Here's an example of his fine vintage self.


Even back in his baggy sweats period, I always appreciated his comparatively mild bling.  If bling is a sign of how successful a rapper is, Em was always so big that he didn't need carat weight to prove his clout. Look at him compared to Busta Rhymes here:

Since their collaboration on Stan at the Grammys, Elton and Em have become friends. You can read about Em's raunchy wedding president to Elton here.

After the jump, we'll look at his recent style transformation.

Lindsay Bluth: The Cream Booties

So Linsday has an amazing pair of cream leather booties (seen in the family portrait above).  As her signature shoe, she pairs it with a variety of ensembles.  After the jump I will explore the various ways in which she incorporates this shoe into her bold styles.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Style Icon: Lindsay Bluth Fünke

Bringing opera gloves back!
Isn't this genius?! You can see the rest of the Bluth Family paper dolls here.

Lindsay was even recognized as a trendsetter by her peers. Since I am not a hair expert, I will not elaborate on her numerous amazing coifs, other than to mention that they are numerous and amazing.  In my other posts you can read more about Lindsay and her cream leather booties, sunglasses  fur and leather, robes, and nature.

After the jump, what to wear to visit your Dad in prison...

More hats...

Dress by Lithe from Anthropologie

An antique hat for spring

 Old Navy Top