Friday, May 27, 2011

Style Icon: Franklin Delano Bluth

Detained for DWB

As the only person (marionette) of color in the Bluth family, Franklin brings the street flavor through his clothing, providing a foil to the rest of the family's buttoned up country-club style. Let's take a look at Franklin's outfits after the jump!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Arrested Fashion: The Help

Some of the most subtle background jokes on Arrested Development are the t-shirts and sweatshirts worn by the characters. In previous posts we've already seen Lindsay Bluth's "Neuter Fest '95" t-shirt and Oscar's "David Cassidy: LIVE" jacket and Franklin's "George Bush doesn't care about black puppets" t-shirt.  But in the realm of logo sweatshirts, no one does it better than the Bluths' maids: Lupe and Mrs. Featherbottom.

Figure 1: "Stanford Institute of Cartography" Buster had most recently been studying Cartography, "the mapping of uncharted territories". From this sweatshirt we learn it must have been at Stanford.
Figure 2: Lupe blowing up balloons for Valentine's Day, wearing a Thanksgiving sweatshirt.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Black & White Floral Skirt + Michelle's Pearls

Gap Outlet skirt, Old Navy crochet detail tank, gifted necklace

My Aunt Gayle and Uncle Michael gave me this lovely pearl and ribbon necklace from Carolee.  Carolee also makes Michelle Obama's signature faux pearls.

Michelle 12 mm Two-Row Pearl Necklace
She wore them in her official portrait with a simple Marc Jacobs sheath dress.

Michelle 16 mm Pearl Necklace
On the night of Barack accepting the Nomination, in a Maria Pinto dress with Alaïa belt

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What I Wore: Last Day at Gap Inc.

Is it my cutest Gap Brand ensemble I've worn to work? No, but it was my last one, so that makes it noteworthy.  I paired this season's button front skirt (which is running big, so size down. I'm wearing an 18 for a point of reference) with a retro logo T from last season. Is the fact of the sun setting on Old Navy a metaphor for starting a new chapter in my life? Probably not. I'm wearing my new Lucille Bluth-style Andrea Jovine shades. 
Button-Front Denim Skirt

Monday, May 23, 2011

Musings: The O'Bamas in Ireland

Photo: Aidan Crawley/Getty Images via Mrs. O
The President and First lady kicked of their European visit in Moneygall, Ireland today. This tiny hamlet was the home of Obama's great-great-great grandfather who emigrated to the U.S. in 1850.  Barack had a pint of Guinness at the local pub, Michelle, always the lady, had a half pint. Read the New York Times article about his visit and watch a video clip of his speech to an ecstatic Irish crowd. He even says 'Yes We Can' in Gaelic! 
Photo: Doug Mills/NYT
Michelle wore a Marc Jacobs silk dress with a bold geometric print from his Spring 2011 collection, bright flats, and added a light trench for practicality. The Obamas cut their stay in Dublin short, taking a quick flight to London as to not risk any delays from that trouble-making Icelandic volcano.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Musings: Havaianas

As one can tell from my previous summer essentials  post, the Brazilian flip-flop brand Havaianas are my favorite type of flip-flop, and the flip-flop is my favorite shoe. As such, I have quite a few of them.

So what's new o mundo Havaianas? What styles should I consider? Where can I find the best deals and selection? All that and more after the jump!

Musings: Summer Essentials

From L to R: J.Crew, Havaianas Slim, Flojos, Old Navy, Old Navy, H(avaianas) Top, Old Navy, H. Top, Old Navy, Delia*s, H. Top, Old Navy, Sea Club, H. Slim
What says summer more than a graphic t-shirt, a pair of flip-flops and some cute shades? Today I'm going to share my collections of all three, plus as always, a few links where you can find the same styles. To read more about my flip-flop philosophy specifically, head on over to this post first.


After the jump, I pair up my sunglasses and flip-flops with my most ridiculously ironic statement T-shirts.