Friday, June 3, 2011

A Gap Brand Work Outfit

 I've stopped working at the Gap call center, but I will start student-teaching this fall.  Here's a work-appropriate outfit I put together, that just happens to be (like most of my outfits) completely from the Gap family of brands.

Gap Skirt, Old Navy Belt & T-Shirt
Piperlime: Hive & Honey Necklace

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Photo Album: Paris

I still had a roll of film in my SLR Nikon when I took it to shoot the wedding. It turns out the pics inside had been in there for 3 years and were of one of my trips to Paris. I was visiting my bff Edwin, who has incidentally just come home from his second year there.

Photo Album: Tucson



Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Official Boy of Summer: Jason Bateman

 I just had to share the photos from Entertainment Weekly "Best of Summer Issue" with coverboy Jason Bateman. Like their facebook page for a mini interview and some footage from the photo shoot. Or buy the magazine to read the interview. The photos were shot by Sam Jones in Malibu.

After the jump, Bateman posing with ducklings and a surprisingly toned ab shot.

I-5 Sights: Carnies & Water Policy

Worst fair stand ever: "Exotic Meats and Bugs"
(via dirtythirdstreets)

 I'm not going to do an extensively blog about Central Valley water policy, as I'm no expert. What I'm pretty sure of is that the signs up and down the 5 are annoying.  This historian in me doesn't appreciate throwing around the term, "Dust Bowl". It's like saying someone is like Hitler, the only Hitler was Hitler and the moment you say it I can't take you seriously and the discussion can't progress.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ad Musings: CoverGirl

So as I've mentioned before, I appreciate a well crafted ad campaign. Commercial art still has the word art in it. As a woman of size, I also love being pandered to with token average/plus-size models. As such, I wanted to share some pics from Cover Girl's 50 Anniversary ad campaign.

If I were older, the choice of Ellen as a CoverGirl would send me to the drugstore to pick up some Simply Ageless make-up this minute. While I don't watch her talk show, I did watch her ABC sitcom Ellen as a kid. I love tux and her shoes here. Most of all, I love her as an accessible to the mainstream gay American. As I self-proclaimed expert on the fashion of Lindsay Bluth as portrayed by Ellen's wife Portia de Rossi, I got extra excited to see her in the photo spread.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Musings: Interstate 10 Amusements

Some notable sights on our drive from Tucson to LA.
Ironwood State Prison, Blythe, CA
A message from your friendly California cows & Chick-fil-a
I didn't get a picture of the actual billboard, but I saw them a few times on the way there. It's nice that Chipotle thinks that puns on chemical symbols (Au being the symbol for gold) are fun, but when 2 out of 3 college grads in the car (my parents), don't get it, the humor might be falling on deaf ears.
 Denny's BACONALIA is simultaneously too esoteric in its origins (see Bacchanalia) and this "Three Bacon Sampler" possibly the most obscene food item since KFC's Double Down sandwich.

Musings: Celeb Bikini Styles

So it might not yet be summer for many of us, but it is the season of celebrity beach pictures.  Here are a few looks I like plus some less expensive re-creations.

CIA.MARITIMA bikini /Crystal Jin tunic (GSI Images)

Tribal Print Bikini

Old Navy Embroidered Gauze Cover-up
L*Space Leopard Bikini (Pacific Coast News)

Leopard Print Bikini

Jack by BB Dakota Maxi Skirt
Forever 21
Rhianna in 2008
Old Navy Zebra Print Bikini
J. Crew: Glamour Girl Bikini Bottom

Forever 21+

Sunday, May 29, 2011

What I Wore: Arizona Wedding

My current lifestyle doesn't include many formal occasions, so I'm always excited to have an opportunity to put together an evening ensemble.  Here's what I wore to my Cousin Maggie's wedding.  It's Tucson, so the weather was in the mid '90s, so I decided to go with a satin cocktail-length dress by ASOS Curve.

ASOS Curve Dress, ASOS Bangle, Vintage '60s purse, Andrea Jovine sunglasses
Zappos: Annie Venita

Here's the price price breakdown, I thought I did a pretty good job, budget-wise:

ASOS Dress $70
Annie Shoes $50
Betsey Johnson Earrings $25
ASOS Bracelet $18
Vintage Purse $5
Total $168

After the jump, my parents outfits and my red carpet-inspired updo!