Saturday, May 7, 2011

Whole Earth Festival

The Egghead sculpture with his huge beanie for the weekend was the best part!

So this afternoon I headed on over to the Whole Earth Festival  on campus. My plans to meet up with some people fell through, so I enjoyed a bit of hippy watching and took a few pics to share with you guys.

After the jump, more festival, food and fashion!

The Festival:
All the activity on the quad
Sacred Meditation Dome
The WEF has been Davis' children source for affordable Mother's Day gifts for 3 decades.

The Fashion:

My favorite part of the festival is just people watching at checking out outfits, from lifestyle hippies who dress that way everyday, to sorority girls playing dress up for the weekend. Either way, there's lots of flowy flower child fashion and partial nudity to enjoy. Tie dye is of course plentiful.

Me at Age 8-9 dressed for art in my cutoffs, tie dye shirt, and beret.
Harmony Tie Dye

Mario Mushroom
I picked up a purple pair of these

The Food:

Vegetarian fare
Traditional fair food. I would have probably gotten one of those funnel cakes had the line not been so long.
I did however get a locally made gourmand Popsicle. I played it safe with strawberry lemonade since I don't have a very adventurous palate.

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