Saturday, April 2, 2011

Musings: "Body-con"

Apparently this season body conscious cut clothing is a trend. Okay. But making 'body-con' a trend is not. If something is fitted, just say so.  If it's slutty, we know it is, so just stop making up euphemisms for a tight dress. I'm not saying it's always slutty, I'm just saying the term is stupid and not a real thing. And if you are saying 'body-conscious' enough that you need to shorten it to save time, then that is a sign that you might be dressing too tight. That being said, here are some examples that I think are cute on the right body type (i.e. other people).

 Delia*s "Striped Body-Con Dress"

Musings: Greek Shirts

Have I mentioned my distaste for brand or movie pun Greek t-shirts "Fast Times at Sigma Chi?" Or the Sorority ones that basically just have the Juicy crown on them? Really? Aren't there copyright lawyers to stop these people? I don't actually dislike the classic COLLEGE, though I admit I have never nor never want to see animal house.  I've recently spotted some of the worst T shirt offenders at Yolo Berry company near Central Park.  I may go there on a stakeout for some tart yogurt and see if I can get covert pic. 

Style Icon: Lucille Ball

My I Love Lucy Period corresponded (lead to?) my hat collecting period. This was in 1st and 2nd grade. I successfully petitioned for my first bedtime extension specifically so I could watch the first couple shows on Nick at Nite. Head on over to this post of more glamorous photos of Ms. Ball. Then, click through for an outfit I created inspired by her Vitameatavegamin ensemble.

A fabulous print!

Mother's necklace
Thrift store necklace,
Tucker for Target Dress ($39.99)
 I'm super excited to have gotten a taste of some of the expensive patterned Tucker dresses I sell at work. I love the color and the pattern, and was so excited that the XL fit right in store!