Friday, April 22, 2011

Style Icon: George Michael Bluth

George Michael's style is classically preppy and a little bit dorky. His signature piece is a '90s style printed (often Hawaiian) button down shirt.  It's really all about the shirts.

Tons of crazy patterned shirts and an cute outfit inspired by George Michael after the jump!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Celebrate Earth Day with Lindsay Bluth!

Cleaning the Wetlands in her "Neuter-Fest '95" T-shirt
 "I've always been deeply passionate about nature, perhaps you remember neuter fest?
I hope you are inspired by her passion to tread more lightly on this Eco High Holiday and throughout the year! Check out some of of her notable efforts after the jump.

New Store Alert: Forever 21 in Davis!

There's a new Forever 21 in the University Mall in Davis! Read all about it in the Enterprise's article. I hope it does well, the students better patronize it. It fills up the old Gottschalks' space so it's HUGE. 38, 4 square feet to be exact. I am so excited to have another clothing store locally. Notable sections include Men's, shoes, lingerie, and accessories.

Click though for more pics.

Happy Earth Day! Recycle your flip-flops

Get a jump on your spring cleaning! Starting this Earth Day (Friday, April 22) and continuing for a month, Old Navy is collecting old flip-flops.  Instead of going to the landfill, they will be recycled into material for playgrounds. Read about the program here. Give your local store a call to check if they're participating. Looking for some more eco replacements? Here's another article about green flip-flop alternatives.

Most of these I'm giving away since they still have life left, the dirtier ones will be going to Old Navy to find new life in a playground!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Who Wore it Best?

Apparently I'm not the only one whose gone floral crazy this season.  In the April 11 US Weekly no less than 4 celebrities were spotted in our  $34.50 ruffle bib dress:

I'm not totally sure who the two in the middle are.
I think they all look good , though I do agree with those surveyed  that that leather jacket is a good addition to the outfit. I obviously had to give this dress a try myself if I was going to blog about it! I would say that the drop waist is not the most flattering for my shape, but I still thought it worked in a romper/playsuit kind of way and was worth it on clearance. 
Soludos Denim Espadrilles

Style Icon: Dr. Tobias Fünke

As much as I enjoy discussing Lucille and Lindsay Bluth's gorgeous wardrobes as a personal source of inspiration,  one cannot deny that Tobias also has a distinct and valuable style point of view.
Spring Break w/ fellow Never Nude Phillip Litt (unfortunately their condition is still not officially recognized by the DSM-IV)

After the jump, I create a couple of fabulous (if I do say so myself) outfits for summer  inspired by Mr. F!

Musings: One-Piece Swimsuits

Visit Esther Williams' Offical Site!
Get Go Retro: Lucille Ball, 1943
This season, I'm so excited for all the retro-inspired swimwear out there. This post will focus on one-pieces, you can read about my favorite retro bikinis as well. I've discovered that film legend and synchronized swimming pioneer Esther Williams has her own line of suits, including plus sizes! Here are a couple below available at ModCloth:

Beach Blanket Bingo Plus Size One Piece

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Musings: Nerd Chic

Christmas present from Mommy
Everyone loves an ironic T. Especially me. People also love work shirts. At my work, we get a free Old Navy Flag T each 4th of July. But what happens if you work doesn't make shirts? What do you do if you are a professional academic whose area of study is so esoteric that no one has ever bothered to screen print about it? Then you demand merchandise from your favorite academic journal database:

Musings: French Style Terms

Clearly, I'm really into French. And fashion. That being said, I've recently noticed some gratuitous use of French out there in the online shopping world. We start our French lesson over at Forever 21.

Matelassé (adj): quilted (often as pertaining to handbags or bedding)

When I showed this to Edwin, my fellow french minor BFF, he said, "WTF is matelassé?" When a French minor asks that question, it means that that's an excessive use of French. These are faux leather quilted handbags, and should be described as such.

Pick up a few new words after the jump!