Saturday, January 12, 2013

Obsession du Jour: Squirrels

ASOS Sweater / Old Navy Jeans / Naturalizer Boots from Piperlime / Gap Bag

Today my Mom and I went to the mall to with a few goals: to go to Sephora and get new makeup for me, to go to Nordstrom and buy some gloves for her and to look for some aviators for me.  For this quest I decided to wear this whimsical squirrel sweater, perfect for the continued record chilly weather we're having in the Central Valley.

Last night I saw Zero Dark Thirty (I loved it!)  and even before I saw it I knew it would motivate me to renew my quest for aviators that fit me. However, after trying on all the Ray-Ban and other brand aviators at Nordstrom, I couldn't find any that I thought looked good on me. This is a problem I have with aviators. I desperately want to be cool like Joe Biden and Maya in Zero Dark Thirty, but whenever I go to try them on I feel like I look like a mean lady cop. Alas, the quest continues. Instead,  I ended up finally buying a pair of real Ray-Bans Wayfarers  And given my obsession with and collection of cheap Wayfarers, it was probably a wise choice to invest.   Additionally, I was proud of myself that I resisted buying this amazing pair of Chanel cat-eye sunglasses that fit my face perfectly. #firstworldvictories

Ray-Ban Classic Wayfarer XL in Tortoise

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Obsession du Jour: MukLuks for Target

Belted Cowboy Boot in Adobe / Southwest Rain Boot in Wild Horses / Painted Desert Tassel Scarf

I just got a order from Target online with all three of these items. They are all from the great MukLuk for Target Line.  I love the great patterns and colors. I think I was craving the psychological warmth of western-style blanket patterns. I might be going overboard in keeping both boots, but when plus size gal finds boots to fit her calves, she jumps at the opportunity. Also, I haven't gotten a pair of rainboots in a couple years, and I love these, and they expand my collection beyond my black patent  Lacoste pair. For ladies in true cold weather climates, they also have several more fun winter boots that a French and Indian War Reeinactor (a real thing) could wear in the Vermont snow. Check the line out, and add a little Western / Native American / Cowboy Plains  pattern and color to your winter.

Here's the first outfit I wore with the cowboy boots for errands on a cold morning.

Old Navy Cable Knit Tunic  & Long Sleeve T / Gap Bag / Muckluks for Target Boots
Gas Station Sunglasses / Forever 21+ Leggings

After the jump, more outfit photos and my musings on leggings.

Très Chic

Thrifted Skirt  / ASOS Blazer / Forever 21 Scarf

Today I had a semi-interview meeting for a long-term sub position teaching French. Since I was going to be meeting with Administration and meeting the students for the first time, I wanted to look the part of a French teacher. I've always had chic French teachers, and decided I needed to up my game from history teacher. And since it wasn't really an interview I didn't want to wear a suit. Also it was super cold this morning (it was 30 last night) and today, so I needed to be warm. I settled on wearing this new skirt I found at a thrift store this week. It's by Liz Clairborne and part of a suit, but the jacket is a little big on me and both pieces together look a little too British and/or matronly. However, I am excited to wear the pieces separately. You can see me wearing the blue version of the blazer here, and waxing poetic about how much I love them.

Naturalizer Boots from Piperlime

American Apparel Shirt / Old Navy Necklace 

After the jump, more accessories detail...

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Special Family Brunch

My Dad and I are baptized Serbian Orthodox. We are not a religious family, but we like to do something special for Orthodox Christmas (meal, gifts) to celebrate our cultural heritage. Today (even though Orthodox Christmas falls on a  Monday, January 7th this year) we went out to our local Czech restaurant for brunch. I argued that the Greek restaurant would be more appropriate since Greeks are also Orthodox, while Czechs are Catholic, but I was overruled on the basis that Czech food is more similar to Serbian food. I digress. I used this occasion to wear my grandmother's gold cross. I also am debuting my new faux leopard coat. Despite the objections of my best friend, I decided to keep it. It is really soft and quite warm. I was inspired by all the fun ways Jessica at What I Wore has styled hers. I look forward to the challenge of creating more outfits around such a statement piece!

Target Dress w/ belt / ASOS Faux Fur Coat / Torrid Leggings / Nordstrom Boots / Kate Spade Purse  

Grandmother's Orthodox Cross / Gold Hoops from France