Sunday, May 1, 2011

Arrested Fashion: A Fabulous Dress

 Lindsay Bluth is not afraid of color or pattern. This flowy green dress is a great example of her everyday glamour.  I found a dress that has the same graphic movement and bold colors. This outfit would be good for a party in the penthouse or going out to the Single's club.

Check it out after the jump!

Lilly Pulitzer Blake Dress

My Mom hates Lilly Pulitzer, "she's for rich ladies who live in Palm Beach [Florida]." Having grown up poor in Central Florida, seeing the Pulitzer's money first hand, it's an understandable reaction. As for me, I think some of Lilly's pieces are cute in moderation.  And you know my affinity for floral prints of all kinds, and after all that's Lilly's bread and butter. Either way, if a non-couture designer doesn't make plus sizes, they can only hold so much of my attention.

Back to Lindsay. Palm Beach and Newport Beach have a lot in common, which is why this dress is so perfect for her. To finish off the green dress, Lindsay chose a strappy metallic sandal.

Caparros "Reese"

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