Friday, August 5, 2011

Trend Watch: Pre-Colombian Prints

Ruche Curvy

As an white American History major with a concentration in black history, I have also earned my official Liberal certification in political correctness.  This is why "ethnic" fashions make me slightly uncomfortable.  Obviously, it doesn't matter what your heritage is, you can wear what you like. It's more how the labels and terms are thrown around. What is an "ethnic" or "tribal" print?  I'm not really sure. It just seems quite vague, patronizing, and not quite right. On the other hand, since I'm starting on my path to becoming a Social Studies teacher, I also want to be wearing interesting prints representing the world's cultures.

With that disclaimer out of the way however, an interesting print is an interesting print. It doesn't matter whether it's on an authentic traditional garment or a tank top made in Forever 21's just-above a sweat shop. If it's cute, why not wear it? This season I'm really digging all the Aztec-inspired geometric patterns. I'm no expert on Pre-Colombian design, so I can't speak to their authenticity or the correctness of labels.

Enough of my white guilt, here are the pieces I'm talking about:

Forever 21

After the jump, more geometric Aztec-inspired motifs on standard and plus-size styles, menswear, and accessories.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Michelle in ASOS...again!

If you've ever read any of my posts besides this one, you'll know I love British fashion retailer ASOS. Okay, so I've only placed two orders so far, but there are sure to be many more. Michelle also is a fan of the site, and wore a couple of pieces from their Africa collection during her visit to South Africa last month.  Last week Michelle stepped out in ASOS again, this time choosing a lovely red checkered midi-dress. Michelle and  Dr. Jill Biden were in Concord, New Hampshire at the National Guard Headquarters representing their USO Joining Forces initiative.  Read about their visit here.

Here's her dress, available for $86.


P.S. Dr. Biden also looked lovely in red: