Thursday, May 26, 2011

Arrested Fashion: The Help

Some of the most subtle background jokes on Arrested Development are the t-shirts and sweatshirts worn by the characters. In previous posts we've already seen Lindsay Bluth's "Neuter Fest '95" t-shirt and Oscar's "David Cassidy: LIVE" jacket and Franklin's "George Bush doesn't care about black puppets" t-shirt.  But in the realm of logo sweatshirts, no one does it better than the Bluths' maids: Lupe and Mrs. Featherbottom.

Figure 1: "Stanford Institute of Cartography" Buster had most recently been studying Cartography, "the mapping of uncharted territories". From this sweatshirt we learn it must have been at Stanford.
Figure 2: Lupe blowing up balloons for Valentine's Day, wearing a Thanksgiving sweatshirt.

 Figure 3: The front of said Thanksgiving sweatshirt "GOBBLE GOBBLE!"

Figure 4: The same sweater situation, two major holidays back. Here, at Christmas time she wears her "BOO!" sweatshirt. Where they gifted by Lucille after the holiday in question? My mom thinks so.

"That was before he saw you pounding that sweat piece of Veal."
When Tobias as Mrs. Featherbottom is working as Lucille's maid, he also raids her wardrobe.  Here he wears a "BUSH/CHENEY 2000" sweatshirt.

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