Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Denim Geography: International Edition

Now that you've completed Lesson 1: North America, we continue our world tour through denim color names. We see denim rinses named after locales in Europe, Asia and beyond. Why do they choose these names? Some make sense, most don't. But if you like geography and denim, read on....


Santorini, Greece:
J Brand Aoki Boyfriend Jeans in "Santorini"
Citizens of Humanity Kelly Bootcut Maternity Jean in "Santorini"

 Naples, Italy:
J Brand 10" Skinny Jeans in "Naples"
León, Spain: city with a population of about 140,000 located in Northwest Spain.
J Brand Rio Cutoff in "Leon"
Bracknell, England: town 33 miles west of London with a population of about 50,000.
Bracknell Woods
Hudson Jeans Shorts in "Bracknell"

Mekong: One of the longest rivers in the world at about 3,000 miles, originating in the Tibetan Plateau. Also a long running denim color at Old Navy.

The Endangered Mekong Dolphin

The Diva Skinny Flare in "Mekong"
Osaka, Japan: Japan's third largest city:

J Brand Lovestory Flare Jeans in "Osaka"

New Zealand: Is it appropriate to name the color of a jean after an entire country? Apparently, yes, if that country is small enough. Despite my frequent mentions of the lovely jewelry gifted by them, I have yet to visit the New Zealand relatives. It's on the bucket list to be sure.
Poster courtesy of Murray Hewitt, cultural attaché, New Zealand Consulate, manager Flight of the Conchords
7 for All Mankind Trouser Jeans in "New Zealand
The Solar System
Jupiter, The Outer Planets:
William Rast Georgia Bootcut Jean in "Jupiter"

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