Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Arrested Fashion: Leather

Much like robes, animal skin-based clothing is a staple in the Bluth family wardrobe. They maintain the illusion of their lifestyle by wearing lots of fur and leather.

One of Gob's signature pieces is his striped leather motorcycle (or in his case Segway) jacket:

George Michael's Campaign Video, wearing Gob's leather jacket.

The following exchange shows introduces the Bluths' opinions on cows:

Lindsay: Leather chair? So you're against stealing but skinning cows is cool?
Michael: Since when are you against leather?
Maeby:Yeah, you're not even a vegetarian.
L: I'm not against the insides, people need meet to survive.
Michael: You're aware they don't remove it from the cow surgically, right?

You can read more about Lindsay's eco-activism here. In response to her Mom's expressed opposition to leather , Maeby devises a plan of rebellion, "Let's see how she feels when her daughter is pro-leather":
Maeby: This stuff's kind of hot, right?
George Michael: I hadn't noticed.
In a misguided attempt to impress his daughter, Tobias going shopping for his own leather ensemble:

Tobias: I'm looking for something that says 'Dad likes leather'
Salesman: Something that says, 'leather daddy'?
T: Oh, is there such a thing?

Look at us, who'd want to mess with any of us?


  1. I just started watching Arrested Development and I love your fashion round-up. What a great show — each character is amazing!

    Love your blog!


  2. Thanks, they do such a good job with building the characters through their costuming all I have to do it s point it out!