Friday, May 20, 2011

Musings: Google Search Keywords

I love keeping an eye on my the origin of traffic to this blog (see my Visitor Map). In addition to my enthusiasm for the geographic diversity of my readers, I'm also amused to see the search keywords that lead people to my postings. I love when people find exactly what they seem to be looking for in one of my posts, or when they end up in completely the wrong place. Here are the keyword search terms from today:
  • affordable michelle obama fashion
  • liza minnelli sequent jackets fashion
  • portia de rossi, opera gloves ( (Norway), no less!)
  •  tobias funke socks with sandals
The fact that there is a person out there googling 'tobias funke socks with sandals' gives me hope for humanity and that I will find my soul mate.

Here are a few other notable searches.
  • eminem jacket in beautiful
  • are bold Hawaiian prints in (YES, they are)
  • eminem style fashion
  • high waisted plus size retro bikini
  • red and white polka hats
  • would an underwire retro balconnet top look good on a small chest? (YES, it would)
  • lindsay bluth tie
  • bronze one piece swimsuit
  • cameo on arrested development
  • george michael fashion
I'm pretty sure most of the people (mostly of Irish and UK origin) searching "George Michael fashion" weren't looking for George Michael Bluth, but the other George Micheal, the 'singer songwriter' as GM Bluth calls him.

And finally, my the all time searched keywords (with a total of 22 searches) that brings people to my blog: "jessica walter", aka Lucille Bluth. I'm proud to be one of the interwebs main authorities on Lucille Bluth related topics.

At the 2005 Emmy Awards (Photo: Glenn Harris/PR Photos)

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