Sunday, April 24, 2011

Musings: Budget Gasoline

So I've been filling up at Arco recently since it's the cheapest station along my route. I have a lot of eco-guilt about my commute already, but I prefer the grossly negligent Brit twits at BP (Arco) than the actively evil Texas-based Valero. Valero was one of the oil companies that sponsored (along with some  help from the Koch Brothers) last year's failed California's Proposition 23. This was an attempt by the industry to roll back California's ambitious greenhouse gas reduction policy (one of the few good things that happened under Ah-nold).

In addition to being the lesser of the low-end gas evils in my mind, I love their new ad campaign "Straight Up Gas Institute."  It's like they're saying: 
Yo, no one likes buying gas, we don't even like selling that shit. But yous gots to fill up yo whip, and you not enough of a baller for premium Chevron wit Techron. At Arco, we keep it real. Straight up gas.
 I do have one current beef with my Arco station. It's pretty whack that they don't have the water, squeegees, and paper towels. Fer realz, the Corolla's windshield looks hella ghetto. You'd think they could afford it with their 45¢ per transaction convenience fee.

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