Saturday, December 17, 2011

Merry Christmas from Maeby Fünke

This is my first post focused on Maeby's style. I have yet to do one because her tastes are so varying and trend driving, she is harder is harder to deconstruct than the other more consistent characters. That being said, I love her holiday looks. Here they are, along with some pieces inspired by them.

Holiday Look 1: "Afternoon Delight"

I couldn't find a floral sweater similar to Maeby's, but here are a coupled of pieces that would mimic the  bold print and scarf holiday for a family holiday party:

Sweater: Juicy Couture, Scarf: Piperlime, Overalls: Vintage Lee @ Free People

Maeby wears a lot of overalls, I did too in the early 2000s.

Holiday Look 2 "Family Legal Meeting" 

These next two outfits show how Maeby incorporates cold weather accessories for the not-so-cold Newport Beach holiday. The layering and scarves say Christmas, but the mini-skirts keep them practical.  In this outfit, I particularly like the lime and red as a fun update to the traditional pine green and red.

"You do remember you have a daughter, right?!?"
Juicy Couture Tote,  Cardigan, Cable Knit ScarfHenley,
 Nine West Lace-up Boots, J Brand Cargo Skirt , Kate Spade Tights
Holiday Look 3: Christmas Eve

Here are some pieces that incorporate the fuchsia, hot pink and corduroy elements of this look (plus her sneakers of course!):

 Fair Isle Scarf, Cord Short, Chucks , Nordic Trek Socks Sheers in Leafy Green

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