Saturday, May 21, 2011

Arrested Fashion: Made in the Shade

When you live in the OC ("Don't Call it that!"), sunglasses are essential. As a convertible driver in California, I feel the same way. In this post we'll look at the vintage sunglasses of the vintage Bluths: Lucille, George Senior and Oscar. Lucille's signature oversize gold frames are the most recognizable of the Bluth family sunglasses:

Read at bit more about Lucille's vintage Dior shades here.  I just found my own Lucille inspired pair at Tuesday Morning for $8. This style by Andrea Jovine unfortunately isn't gold rimmed, but does incorporate other key Lucille Bluth elements: tinted oversize lenses and an interesting hardware accent at the temple.

Here are my suggestions at different price points, starting with the least expensive:

 Urban Outfitters
AX Armani Exchange
 High End:
Agent Provocateur
Lucille's original oversize frames, from the Pilot
"The SCC is making him out to be some kind of criminal mastermind, which believe me he's not. The man can barely work our shredder."
UO "Jackie"
ASOS: Ted Baker
George & Oscar Bluth: Oakleys

Up yours, Granny!
Oscar in a similar pair in the same episode
For the record, I hate Oakleys except for outdoor or sporting pursuits. I greatly encourage men to invest in a classic pair of shades in addition to a sporty style.

Oscar: Vintage Ray Bans
Oscar achieves the rare senior glasses trifecta: two pair sunglasses, one pair readers
Take your irony to the next level à la Oscar with this sunglasses cord
Urban Outfitters
William Rast
Ray-Ban 'High Street Wayfarer'
"Oscar, this is a children's soccer game, not Woodstock!
BACKGROUND JOKE ALERT: Notice Oscar's "David Cassidy: LIVE!" Jacket. Oscar wrote David Cassidy's "All You Need Are Smiles"
 Click here for my post featuring the sunglasses of the younger Bluth generation: Michael, Lindsay and friends.

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