Saturday, May 21, 2011

Arrested Fashion: Made in the Shade Part II

We've already taken a look at the Bluth parents and their amazing shades. The Bluth kids (and their partners) carry on the tradition of stellar sunwear.

Sometimes you buy a car for the sunglasses.

Maui Jim

After the jump, a look at the sunglasses of George Michael, Michael's ladies, plus the many shades of Linsday Bluth Fünke.

George Michael as Sonny Bono:

Read more about this costume in my Motherboy post.

Maggie Lizer: The "Blind" Look

Notice the "Dukakis" button. Who knew?
Michael: "Are you blind again?" "It's for the pizza guy. I give him a five and say 'keep the change'"
Sally Sitwell: Newport Sophisticate

At brunch at Skip Church's with Michael
Dolce & Gabbana
ASOS: Miu Miu
Lindsay: A Pair for Every Look 

Halogen Semi-Rimless
Urban Outfitters
Tom Ford

At George Senior's Funeral 
Prada Rimless Shield Sunglasses
A young Lindsay in a classic style
Ray-Ban P-Cat

Teaching George Michael to drive the Staircar, "Driving is about confidence!" Sunglasses are important too.

My suggestions, cheap ($5.80):
Forever 21
Halogen Polarized Oversized

D & G

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