Sunday, June 26, 2011

Style Icon: Nancy Botwin

Weeds is back with its seventh season! While one can debate the merits of the show, the fact that Mary-Louise Parker as Nancy Botwin is gorgeous, sexy, and stylish is beyond question. Today, to get ready for the new season, I've collected some promo images from previous seasons. I also pair the pics with a few dresses and some lovely lingerie inspired by Nancy, and of course, the green theme of the show.

Zappos: Frye
Nanette Lepore

Victoria's Secret Vintage

Dorothy Perkins

Do you like Nancy's style? How about the color green in general?


Since I'm one of the first image that comes up when you google image search for "Mary Louise Parker shoulder tattoo," I shall address the issue. Here's the video where she shows the temporary tattoo for a part, plus the screen cap.

And no, I don't know what it means. It seems the consensus is that it's something like "Brides 'till the End" in Russian. There are differing translations in the youtube comments, if you're really interested, click on the video to read the discussion. Sounds like a a prison tattoo from Nancy's lady cellmate/lover on Weeds. We'll see. UPDATE: Here it is debuting in episode 4 on her Nancy's first day on of her first legitimate job since prison:


  1. Can't wait! Thanks for posting!

    ciao from Newport Beach

  2. Love this show! The first couple of seasons are the best. It seems to be going downhill but I am excited to see where this next season goes...

  3. ive never seen this show but heard that its hilarious! I really like the green against the all-white of the first image

  4. I didn't realize this show was back on, I love it...although I do agree with Hannah it does seem to be going down hill a bit. But Nancy Botwin's clothing selection is always very fashionable!

  5. Never seen the show, but I've always liked this actress.

    Visiting from FF&P. Have a fabulous Wednesday.

  6. Wow - I do like green and these selections! I have not seen the show either.

    Thanks for playing along with FF&P {semi} wordless wednesday! :)

  7. I've never seen the show before but I love the dresses and her style! The pink underwear is so cute! xoxoxoo

  8. I've never seen the show but hear such good things! I love how you've compared the styles.

  9. loooove he frye shoes

  10. Great choice! I love the pink pumps with the bow! They are too cute! Thanks for linking up!!

  11. also love that green

  12. I have noooooooo idea what show "Weeds" is, but I do love the dresses, especially the sage green one from Nordstrom, that you featured here, Julia!

    Visit me:
    LeeAnne, Style N Season

  13. This tattoo is a testimony to stupidity: it does not represent any coherent phrase, just few words that once may have been part of a sentence which cannot be restored with certainty due to omissions. So, it reads: "[...] of a bride [...] will [...] till the end."