Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day! The Best of Lucille Bluth

Make your mommy feel special this Mother's Day!

I've already introduced Lucille Bluth's fashion with Lucille Bluth: Style Icon, she also features prominently in my Bluth sunglasses, fur, and robes posts.  On this Mother's Day, I'm going to share lots of great Lucille looks and thoughts on motherhood.

She's always been there to hold your hand. (Our first look of Lucille's favorite pink pearl bracelet, it will come up several more times)

Read on for colorful suits, costume jewelry, pearls, flower lapel pins and motherly love!

Mom's always made you feel good about yourself, "It's his glasses, they make him look like a lizard."
Moms prepare you for life's future challenges, "Were having Lindsay chops. What? I want her to be prepared in case there's a bully as clever as me."
Call your Mom more. (Second bracelet appearance)

How many more photos of Lucille on the phone do I need to include before you give your Mom a call? (Third bracelet appearance)
She always gives good advice, "They don't allow bees in here."
"Yeah, who doesn't love the Jews?"
She always knows what to do, even in legal matters,  "He's crazy about the plea."
Mom's fearless.
Sometimes Mom needs to relax with a drink.

Moms look out for the baby of the family, "Everyone's laughing and riding and corn-holing except Buster."
Moms like tea.
Mom's also a wife, "I'm not going to have sex with you, George."
Mom hears everything, "So this is how my children speak of me when I'm not around."
Sometimes, Mom can get a little controlling. "You baited the balcony?" "Prove it."
Mom is always supportive of her children's relationships, "Her??"
Mom is also a grandmother, "You're a very sympathetic young man." (Fourth and final  bracelet appearance in this post)
Mom knows how to throw a party! "Anniversary Party? I thought you said for me to throw a Valentine's Day Party. You tricked me."
Mom is always there to nurse you back to health.
Mom always knows the perfect gift.
"SURPRISE!" Mom always surprises you.
Moms get up early.
And finally, while doing all that, mom always looks pulled together. This is my absolute favorite piece Lucille wears.
Happy Mother's Day! 

Me with the best Mommy in the world.

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