Friday, April 15, 2011

Yes We Can! [wear] Denim on Denim

Many of us remember this historic all denim "don't" at the 2001 American Music Awards (not that we actually watch second rate award shows):

I'm not going to fully analyze this poor fashion choice from a decade ago, but some key lessons we can take are: don't wear denim of any kind to an awards show (except the MTV Movie Awards), and just say no to denim fedoras.  Finally, whether or not your outfit is televised,  it's best not to dress in all denim if your date is. While these outfits are a cautionary tale, you need not fear, you can wear two denim pieces together!

After the jump, I am inspired by yet another Arrested Development character to create an all denim ensemble from Piperlime.

Our denim on denim "do" comes from Dr. Tobias Fünke in the AD pilot episode. Here he shows us the key to wearing denim-on-denim: making sure each piece is a different shade.

Here's some pieces I think work well together:

J Brand "Bette" Flares

To go with some '70s inspired bellbottoms, I chose a denim shirt with an embellished pocket. Dark skinny jeans would be cute with this shirt as well. In terms of accessories, these See by Chloe wedges give needed height with such a large flare, and I love this Melie Bianco wicker bag (a lot of style for only $78).

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