Saturday, April 16, 2011

Musings: Royal Wedding Adverts

I was amused at work yesterday to see that Canada Post is offering commemorative Royal Wedding stamps. I know he is going to be the Head of State/King of Canada some day, but it still, seems like it's reaching. The only thing my Quebecois callers like less (as a group) than Anglo-Canadians is the British. I found an interesting little survey on Canadian opinions of the monarchy.

After the jump, a hilarious Royal Wedding ad!

Here's a very well done ad by T-Mobile. It combines excellent facsimiles of the royals with the ever popular (last year) dancing wedding meme:

My favorite parts are the Bishop/hype man, Camilla (who I can't be convinced isn't the real one), Prince Phillip and the African dignitary siting in the aisle seat.

UK PSA note: Gap Store hours in London will be affected on the Wedding Day.  That being said, why are you trying to shop for anything other than a commemorative plate during that circus? Wait a week. Or better yet, head on over to (who has the cutest clothes of all the markets, in my opinion), where we have great deals on shipping to the UK and throughout Europe!

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