Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Official Boy of Summer: Jason Bateman

 I just had to share the photos from Entertainment Weekly "Best of Summer Issue" with coverboy Jason Bateman. Like their facebook page for a mini interview and some footage from the photo shoot. Or buy the magazine to read the interview. The photos were shot by Sam Jones in Malibu.

After the jump, Bateman posing with ducklings and a surprisingly toned ab shot.

I may not have shared my illustrious 2nd grade synchronized swimming career, but this is pretty amazing.

The models are wearing Marc Jacobs swimsuits

Brooks Brothers Swim Trunks
Enough about the swimwear. I was very disappointed that the internet wasn't more abuzz about Batemans's nude torso. Why wouldn't I be exited to see the actor who plays my very favorite character from my very favorite show (Michael Bluth) in a state of undress with a cool summer beverage?  Here's an article where he talks about going shirtless in Couples Retreat.

Starsky & Hutch (2004) (image via squarehippies)

Additional Viewing:

Bateman on Sesame Street. He knows standing next to something cute just makes him even cuter, as evidenced in the photo shoot with the ducklings and her with Mr. Penguin, Mr. Squirrel and Elmo.

On Letterman on June 22 discussing his workout regimen, Bikram yoga and his daughter and her love for Justin Beiber:

And in couple of Orbit gum short videos produced by dumbdumb (his comedy venture with Will Arnett):


  1. Nice choice... he's charming, witty, and kind. And he's hot too ♥

  2. I LOVE Jason! He is a cutie! Always has been =)

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