Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Arrested Fashion: Oilcloth!

While working on my Arrested Fashion project, I stumbled upon an oilcloth! George Senior walks by  two gentleman are enjoying their cervezas on a table with a lovely green oilcloth.  Nothing says south-of-the border set dressing like a vibrant oilcloth! Where does all this oilcloth enthusiasm come from? Well our friends over at Oilcloth International, of course. Check out their blog!

George Senior, in "Good Grief"

Below's a pic of my adorable gifted oilcloth (from the aforementioned bloggers). It went perfectly with the Little Miss Sunshine poster and vintage chairs at our Ward Street apartment in Berkeley.


  1. i had an oilcloth on my desk at school for the past 2 years!!!!!

  2. Great post! Thanks for mentioning us! We are the number one wholesale provider of oilcloth in the United States and love to see oilcloth out and about!