Thursday, January 10, 2013

Obsession du Jour: MukLuks for Target

Belted Cowboy Boot in Adobe / Southwest Rain Boot in Wild Horses / Painted Desert Tassel Scarf

I just got a order from Target online with all three of these items. They are all from the great MukLuk for Target Line.  I love the great patterns and colors. I think I was craving the psychological warmth of western-style blanket patterns. I might be going overboard in keeping both boots, but when plus size gal finds boots to fit her calves, she jumps at the opportunity. Also, I haven't gotten a pair of rainboots in a couple years, and I love these, and they expand my collection beyond my black patent  Lacoste pair. For ladies in true cold weather climates, they also have several more fun winter boots that a French and Indian War Reeinactor (a real thing) could wear in the Vermont snow. Check the line out, and add a little Western / Native American / Cowboy Plains  pattern and color to your winter.

Here's the first outfit I wore with the cowboy boots for errands on a cold morning.

Old Navy Cable Knit Tunic  & Long Sleeve T / Gap Bag / Muckluks for Target Boots
Gas Station Sunglasses / Forever 21+ Leggings

After the jump, more outfit photos and my musings on leggings.

I was looking for a bag to go with these boots and in going through the pile of purses on the bottom of my closet (I have a good storage system for small handbags, but haven't found one for my big ones yet), I remembered that I had one in a winter wool blanket fabric, perfect for this outfit. This is also a good time to talk about my leggings philosophy. First of all my favorite leggings sources are Forever 21, Torrid, and Old Navy. In terms of basic black leggings, I like my Forever 21 ones the best, and they're also the cheapest. Since I've been reintegrating my closets back together after moving out of my apartment and finally looking through my winter storage, all my leggings are now in the same place. And know that they're all together I realize just  how many pairs I have. This tunic perfectly illustrates my approach to wearing leggings as a bottom. My rule is that it needs to cover the front area completely, a little booty in the back is acceptable. It is important to remember that they are not pants. I hate seeing the students in my classes treat them as such and wear them with short tops.

This is my "fashion" face

Evidence that it was in fact freezing this morning.

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