Friday, May 13, 2011

Style Icon: Lucille "2" Austero

At the Desi awards, which recognize excellence in Spanish language daytime television.

Lucille Austero is Lucille Bluth's best frienemy and counterpart, and their dressing has a lot in common. Both favor sequins for their many evening events. Both have impressive collections of fine and costume jewelry. Perhaps these similarities are why 2/3 of Lucille Bluth's sons are attracted to the Widow Austero. However, as Lucille 2 is curvier and a little older than her bestie, she tends to favor more flowing and less tailored silhouettes. 

Read on for more fabulous day and evening looks! 

For day, Lucille's dressing is characterized by basic black with accents of vibrant colors and bold prints in either a blouse, jacket, or pants.  As my best friend Edwin pointed out, her black turtlenecks and scarves are important as the neck is one of the areas that most shows age.

To Buster: "We're going out, and that's that!"
Old Navy Leopard Print Blouse
Kenneth Cole New York
At Dr. Aplomb's Vertigo Rehab Center
Michael undoing all of Dr. Aplomb's Vertigo Rehab progress with a spin in his new Corvette.
On a romantic spa day with Stan Sitwell. This is how one dresses casually for a horseback ride.

For evening, Lucille 2 is all about sparkle and age appropriate glamour. And a Newport socialite of her stature has lots of chances to break out the sequins.

Feathers are also key to her evening looks.
For a night out at Tobias is Queen Mary

Velvet by Graham & Spencer
Charity Auction I
Charity Auction II
"How grand!"
Forever 21 Hoop-On-Hoop Beaded Earrings

Here's my favorite Piperlime top that incorporates Lucille Austero's signature all over sequin look. The cute bows in the back make it more wearable for a young person, while the higher neckline in front is appropriate for a woman of any age.
Aryn K. at Piperlime

And to finish it off, a pic of the real Liza Minnelli defying convention on an Italian press tour in 2008 and dressing however she damn well pleases.


  1. I'm dressing up as Lucille Austero for Halloween and I can't tell you how helpful your blog has been.
    It's brilliant! I'm sure Lucille would agree.

  2. Thanks, that makes me so happy to hear that it helped you out!