Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hittin' the Town with Lindsay Bluth

Missing Tobias after striking out with Tom Jane
 I've already talked about Lindsay Bluth as one of my personal syle icons. The girl also knows how to dress for a night out. While she may not be successful in making her open marriage work, one cannot dispute her style successes. Here are some of her best going out looks, plus a couple outfits inspired by them.

Narrator: Lindsay was still trying to make her open marriage work...
....which it won't.

"You seem like a man of taste and class."
I love this batik blouse. I couldn't find anything similar in a halter style, but these two incorporate a similar lovely silk pattern:
Ramona La Rue

Lindsay continues with the flattering halters:

At Klimpy's family style restaurant: "Hey, who called the cops?"
"Wow, this Cloudmir vodka is making me think fuzzy, I've almost no judgment at all."--Working as a Cloudmir Rep at Rud
Lindsay wears a lot of red dresses throughout the series, here are a couple similar to those above. These all have interesting necklines which are great for showing off the shoulders.
Rachel Pally for Piperlime Catherine Dress
Maggy London
Halston Heritage
But Lindsay doesn't only stick to red. Here's another outfit suggestion for Lindsay to hit the singles clubs:
Beyond Vintage Feather Slip Dress
Leaf Cluster Earring

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