Sunday, April 3, 2011

Style Icon: Lindsay Bluth Fünke

Bringing opera gloves back!
Isn't this genius?! You can see the rest of the Bluth Family paper dolls here.

Lindsay was even recognized as a trendsetter by her peers. Since I am not a hair expert, I will not elaborate on her numerous amazing coifs, other than to mention that they are numerous and amazing.  In my other posts you can read more about Lindsay and her cream leather booties, sunglasses  fur and leather, robes, and nature.

After the jump, what to wear to visit your Dad in prison...

 Now we will examine Lindsay's most infamous ensemble, as seen in the episode, "My Mother, The Car'.

2nd visit: "She was surprised no heads were turned..."

Final visit: "It is obvious I'm not wearing a bra, right?"
The full ensemble
Success!: "And Dad finally paid attention to my intellect!"

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