Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ad Musings: CoverGirl

So as I've mentioned before, I appreciate a well crafted ad campaign. Commercial art still has the word art in it. As a woman of size, I also love being pandered to with token average/plus-size models. As such, I wanted to share some pics from Cover Girl's 50 Anniversary ad campaign.

If I were older, the choice of Ellen as a CoverGirl would send me to the drugstore to pick up some Simply Ageless make-up this minute. While I don't watch her talk show, I did watch her ABC sitcom Ellen as a kid. I love tux and her shoes here. Most of all, I love her as an accessible to the mainstream gay American. As I self-proclaimed expert on the fashion of Lindsay Bluth as portrayed by Ellen's wife Portia de Rossi, I got extra excited to see her in the photo spread.

I'm not crazy about Taylor Swift as musician, I'm kind of a country purist and think of her as a teen  Carrie Underwood without the spunk. I do appreciate that she's an important fashion (and particularly cosmetic and hair) role model to the kids, so she warrants mention.

 Queen Latifah looks fabulous in that slinky gold dress. She was also one of my favorites in the new crop of ads for Disney Parks as Ursula. This woman can seriously move product, I just wish she'd rap again.

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  1. elleeeeeennnnnnn is # 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    adoring ellen by me..................