Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I-5 Sights: Carnies & Water Policy

Worst fair stand ever: "Exotic Meats and Bugs"
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 I'm not going to do an extensively blog about Central Valley water policy, as I'm no expert. What I'm pretty sure of is that the signs up and down the 5 are annoying.  This historian in me doesn't appreciate throwing around the term, "Dust Bowl". It's like saying someone is like Hitler, the only Hitler was Hitler and the moment you say it I can't take you seriously and the discussion can't progress.

As for water policy, I know my state representatives personally and know that they are doing what is best to balance the needs of the environment and the economy. That's why I don't feel the need to spend all day on the internet researching water policy, because I voted for representatives who do know the nuance. Here's an article about my two fabulous local officials and water policy.  On the other end of the competency spectrum, here's Sean Hannity painting the issue with a broad brush as a choice between the Delta smelt and 70,000 jobs.

Costa is their local Representative
I take any affront to Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Boxer personally.  Why not attack Boehner who's actually in charge? Water allocation is a very complex issue, but at the end of the day, Congress is not responsible for the fact that the region is naturally a desert. If you're interested in learning more, make sure to check out Mother Jones' article on the subject, which focuses on the average Central Valley residents. Another article discusses the role of climate change.

Bonus sighting on the 210 at Sylmar:

From the freeway there was a building labeled "ADULT OUTLET". I can't think of anything more depressing than an sex store outlet. In the car, we had a debate for a while if it was just a store for Adults only that didn't carry kids clothing, but it turns out from the front side that it is in fact an Adult Factory Store Outlet. Since the Valley is the capital of the adult film industry, it kind of makes sense that the outlet would be here. It's just bold to advertise from the Freeway.

And finally, a couple amusing personalized license plates:

This second one is even neater, since it was on a motorcycle, and thus an adorably tiny license plate with attitude.

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