Sunday, April 17, 2011

Musings: Nerd Chic

Christmas present from Mommy
Everyone loves an ironic T. Especially me. People also love work shirts. At my work, we get a free Old Navy Flag T each 4th of July. But what happens if you work doesn't make shirts? What do you do if you are a professional academic whose area of study is so esoteric that no one has ever bothered to screen print about it? Then you demand merchandise from your favorite academic journal database:

Well the good people at JSTOR answered those prayers (just kidding...academics don't pray).  Introducing JSTOR Gear. Here's a video of the JSTOR staff modeling the collection. Gear? Are the selling athletic equipment? Or zip drives and coffee mugs? Shop would be a more appropriate term.

In addition to the name, the best part is the kids gear section. Any logo or saying you put on a baby's shirt (or onesie) is automatically hilarious since infants can't talk.

 Figure 1
Figure 2
Figure 3
And now, JSTOR Gear joins the pantheon of ironadorable (just coined that!) baby shirts:

Figure 4
If I had a baby who knows if I could control myself? My only concern is that it starts at 3-6 months. Is my baby not ready for scholarship right out of the womb? It's never to early to start preparing your doctoral defense.

Note: Thanks to Lily over at rancho sausan for bringing the this to my attention!

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