Friday, April 22, 2011

Style Icon: George Michael Bluth

George Michael's style is classically preppy and a little bit dorky. His signature piece is a '90s style printed (often Hawaiian) button down shirt.  It's really all about the shirts.

Tons of crazy patterned shirts and an cute outfit inspired by George Michael after the jump!

George Micheal's shirts are often tropical in their prints: flowers, foliage, coconuts
I love how they merged him with the flowers in this shot to reinforce the floral pattern and palate of the shirt.
On wood block: some call him the "Human Metronome"

"Is 'one' in the mix still?" This is literally one of my favorite bits from the entire show. I can't go to the optometrist without giggling.
Lucille & George Michael both in flowers!

George Michael's dress is also influenced by his Newport Beach surroundings: some of his outfits and most of his footwear is nautically inspired. Here he and Micheal are dressed prepared for a fishing trip:

I took inspiration from these bold (yet in muted tones) patterned shirts and his yacht-club style to create a similar Woman's ensemble for summertime.

I paired a bold striped  Joie Top with a pair of peach Old Navy Perfect Khaki 7" shorts finally an Old Navy Twill Jacket adds light warmth for sea breezes.

To pull the outfit together I chose a pair of woman's canvas Sperry Top-siders (very hot this season) and a rope and leather belt. George Michael always tucks his shirt into his shorts or pants and adds polish with a classic belt.  For this outfit, tucking the voluminous blouse in and adding the belt defines the waistline and breaks up the matching colors. To carry all those essentials for a day on deck or down by the pier, this adorable nautical ticking tote does the job:

 Michael Stars Tote

I promise to treat George Michael's work wear fully in a later post. In the meantime, lets finish up this   one with a quick pic of his Bluth Banana uniform:


  1. Excellent Work and a Joy to Read. Perhaps it's time to change my own style. I want to catch me an ANN some day.

    -Steve Holt!

  2. I need that tropical beauty! (sixth down) <3


  3. To be fair, I only created a ladies look incorporating a striped blouse (he wears a fair number of stripes and plaids as well). I have no idea where one would easily find any of these floral gems (other than Hawaii of course). I like to think that Micheal, GM, and Tracy took a lot of tropical vacations before her passing.