Saturday, April 9, 2011

Arrested Fashion: Robes & Slippies

"I don't want you thinking your uncle is some sleazy character from the docks"
On Arrested Development, robes of all stripes are featured prominently on both men and women. Silk, terry cloth, kimono style, they're all there. A life of leisure requires an extensive robe wardrobe.

After the jump, my Bluth family robe photo essay!
Three great Bluth robes! If you look closely, you can see that Lucille is wearing Buster's truck print robe.
Buster in a striped robe, Oscar in a hippy tunic.
As always, Michael is the sensible one, right down to the robe
 Tobias getting ready for the Boat Party at the Four Seasons
Gob in Lucille II's robe and slippies.
"Let's get his pants back on."

Sleeping in the Copy Room in his "Singapore Air" Robe
"8:01, curtain has risen." Tobias on stand-by as a Blue Man Group understudy.
George Sr. hiding in the attic in terry cloth.
Tobias breaking into "blind" prosecutor Maggie Lizer's house, wearing her robe.
Again, masking himself in Maggie's scent.
"Mama's letting loose."
Lucille 2 in her feathered floral robe, steadying her vertigo on her ship's wheel. I love her randomly nautical apartment.
Romantic Spa Day: Dragon, Michael, Lindsay & Tobias
Blogger's Note: A Lindsay-specific robe post can be found here.

Bonus Shortie Robe: Will Arnett on 30 Rock (click image to watch him twirl!)

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