Sunday, July 10, 2011

What I Wore: East Bay Evening

Gap Shirt, Old Navy Plus Dark Wash Jeggings

Yesterday afternoon, I headed down to the East Bay (Berkeley and Emeryville) to catch up with my friend from my year in France, Katie. You can see us in the Côte d'Azur here. She was kind enough to take a picture of me in front of my old apartment (which happens to be for rent).

Since I was driving from 95 degree Davis to 65 degree Berkeley, I could wear boots and pants! This March I ordered my first pair of Frye boots. One of my personal (shopping) goals working for Gap Inc. was to get a deal on a pair of Fryes from Piperlime. This was a bit of a challenge since the pair I wanted were $218 (beyond my general shoe budget) and are mostly excluded from all our promotions. This March, however, during Give & Get (a thrice annually 30% off Friends and Family charity event sale extravaganza), they were not excluded! As for the rest my outfit, when it got chilly in the evening, I added a light denim jacket and a navy horizontal striped scarf. You know me and stripes this season.

Frye Engineer 12R in Gaucho

Before driving down to the Bay for the evening,  I spent the afternoon on the couch (with my Mom of course) watching Derek Jeter smash his way to his 3,000th hit. Said hit was of course a home run, and he went an unbelievable 5-for-5 at the plate, and basically single handedly won the game. I was so excited that I decided to break out my Yankee cap pendant (seen quite tiny above, larger below). Even if you don't like the Yankees, or don't care about baseball, you should read the article. It was a magical day.


  1. You spent a year in France? I'm so jealous! Where did you live?

    Love the Frye boots- glad your discount finally worked out! What a great purchase.

    And I have such a crush on Derek Jeter. Such a gorgeous man! That's really neat you got to see his 3,000th hit!

  2. Pendant l'université, j'ai passé mon une annee à l'étranger à Toulouse (4e plus grande ville), dans le sud-ouest du pays. C'est très jolie et charmant (different de Paris, certes). Je te conseille de y visiter si t'a la chance d'être en France. Quant à M. Jeter, evidemment j'étais pas à la partie à New York, mais c'était quand même un grand evenement à la télé!

  3. fryes are literally the best boots!! you will have them forever, a great investment!

  4. Thanks, I could only hear about how great they are from you and everyone else in the world so long before I got my act together. Once I break them in, then I'll just want them in every color and style!

  5. Nice look!

  6. Following you back, dear! thank you xx Joice

  7. can I "like" this whole entry? Also a little jealous... I haven't been able to see you OR Katie during any of my up-state visits...

  8. Très simple mais jolie tenue ! j'aime beaucoup tes bottes ^^

    Pourrai tu s'il te plait passer voir mon blog ? en espérant que tu vas aimer :D
    Merci Bisous