Friday, July 15, 2011

Red Carpet Rundown: Harry Potter

So I waited too long to get my Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II tickets, and by the time we go our act together all the midnight shows in our area (seven in Davis alone), were sold out. My Dad and I instead are off to Natomas to see it today at 11 AM.  To get myself even more excited for the movie, I've decided to feature the Harry Potter cast on the red carpet.  Here are some of the notable choices the cast made in  London and New York. Starting off in London:

It's all about Emma Watson, as per usual. I suggest you check out this great slideshow over at NY Mag of her style evolution at the premieres, from little girl to grown-up glamazon.

Daniel Radcliffe dapper in Simon Spurr
Emma Watson in Oscar de la Renta
Rupert Grint

Click on through for lots more stars and pics from the NYC red carpet as well!
Ralph Fiennes (Insight News & Features)
J.K. Rowling in Oscar de la Renta

This dress may be silly, but it is perfectly whimsical and appropriate for the occasion.

Matthew Lewis (Neville Longbottom)

Of course, everyone's buzzing about Neville. I love how the actor growing into a handsome young man echos his character's rise from self-conscious plant geek to self-assured hero with a strong botany background.

Oliver and James Phelps
Tom Felton
Helena Bonham Carter

Helena Bonham Carter wearing the most traditional dress I've ever seen her in on the red carpet appearance.

Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood)
Bonnie Wright

Afshan-Azad (Patina Patel)
At the afterparty in Elie Saab (Splash Photos)

New York Premiere:

Emma Watson wears Bottega Veneta (AP)
Warwick Davis and family. He plays both the Goblin Griphook and Professor Flitwick.
SJP and Matthew Broderick took the kids.
Her dress is from Oscar de la Renta's 2012 Resort collection, her bag and blazer are Ferragamo

What do you think of the looks? Your favorite? Have you enjoyed watching the cast grow from children to stylish young adults?


  1. How fun. I'm LOVING that Oscar de la Renta. GORGEOUS.

  2. I always forget that Daniel Radcliffe is so short!

    And it's so weird seeing the cast as normal people, lol. I can't believe how much Neville has grown up! He's looking pretty good!

  3. Neville is hot is what I think. ;) Emma Watson's London dress is stunning. Not such a fan of the NY one.

  4. I literally just saw it and it was amazing! I love Emma so much...thanks for linking up today honey! Kori xoxo

  5. Emma Watson looks amazing !

  6. Nicole, I couldn't agree more, particularly about Mr. Longbottom!

  7. Viewed the whole slideshow! Emma Watson has such an amazing sense of style and it was great seeing how she evolved into the young, beautiful lady she is today! (:

  8. Emma is so chic! I love her short hair.

    And Neville-well, wow. I don't think they knew he would grow up to outshine the other men in the cast so much.

  9. love love love emma's oscar de la renta dress. she looked fab! and neville-oh my gosh! i just stared at the picture for about 10 minutes. so so so gorgeous!

  10. her dress is amazing!

  11. Great blog! :))

    If you want, follow me and I'll follow you back. :)

  12. cool blog ! i like the dress from Evanna Lynch :)

  13. OH my gosh, love seeing all of the outfits! What did you think of the movie? I saw it on Sunday, so good, but so bittersweet. You are right Neville has grown into such a handsome guy, so funny to see all of the characters in normal clothes, I didn't even recognize some of them!

  14. Yes, it was emotional. I almost thought I should have been one of the crazy people who went to the double features with Part I & II, that would have been most dramatic, as I was a bit confused as to where we stood at any one point with the Horocruxes. That's what I get for not rereading before!

  15. stunning em!

  16. l love Emma Watson's dress, they all look stunning! great post dear! xx Joice

  17. I love Emma's dress. I'm so sad it's over. The movie was sooooo good!

  18. Woohoo for Potter! I was at both premieres for my website, they all looked amazinggg :) (there are posts on my blog about them ;) )
    and YES I am loving the buzz Matt/Neville is getting, especially since I run his only fan site and he loves me ;)