Friday, May 13, 2011

Arrested Development: Cameos

One element of Arrested Development's multi-faceted awesomeness is its random cameos from well known comedic actors. Here I outline the cameos from stars of my other favorite TV shows.

The Daily Show, Comedy Central

Ed Helms:  Daily Show Correspondent, 2002-2006. On Arrested Development, he cameos as Realtor James who invites Lindsay to an open house, which she accidentally interprets as a date.  
"I'll be up in a moment, I've got to make this place smell like cookies."
After the jump, a couple more Daily Show cameos, plus stars from Reno 911!, The Office, SNL and 30 Rock.

Rob Corddry: Correspondent 2002-2006.

Corddry appeared on Arrested in a couple episodes as People's Choice Nominated Actor Moses Taylor, second Amendment advocate and star of TV's Wrench.

Rob Riggle: Correspondent 2006-2008. Riggle appeared on Arrested as Representitive John Van Hausen,  a right to life advocate who attempts to intervene to save Buster's life as he fakes a coma.

Rep. Van Heusen character parodies Senator Bill Frist and his involvement in the Terry Schiavo case, especially the part where he waves the balloon in front Buster's face to demonstrate brain activity in the faking comatose Buster.

Reno 911! Comedy Central

Cedric Yarbrough played Deputy S. Jones on Reno 911! which ran from 2003-2009.

On Arrested, Cedric cameo-ed  Sergeant Wendall Baker, Buster's Boot Camp officer who had recently been banned from using homophobic slurs, "Private Homo" to motivate his recruits.

The Office, NBC

In addition to Ed Helms who we already saw above, a couple other Office cast members make brief cameos on the show.

Phyllis Smith, who plays Phyllis Lapin-Vance on The Office, appears momentarily as a Bluth Company Board Member. 

Warehouse guru Darryl Philbin, played by Craig Robinson, appears as a Security Guard working the gate at Tantamount Studios. The Guard is also up for the role of "Confidence Man 2" for which Tobias is also auditioning.

Accountant Kevin Malone, played by Brian Baumgartner, appears as a disreputable gun salesman who sales Tobias a riffle without the mandatory waiting period of 2 weeks by taking advantage of the gun show loophole.

Saturday Night Live, NBC

Andy Samberg, who has been on SNL since 2005, makes a momentary appearance Arrested as the stage manager for the Blue Man Group.

Amy Poehler: Castmember 2001-2008.  Will Arnett's real life wife, she appears as Gob's Wife (we never learn her name). Gob's wife is a seal dealer, and later enlists in the Army, "where her penchant for daring found a natural outlet."

Poehler with Hillary Clinton

30 Rock, NBC

Jack McBrayer plays Kenneth "The Page" Parcell on 30 Rock, and also appears on Arrested Development a waiter at the country club in a couple episodes. 

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