Saturday, January 12, 2013

Obsession du Jour: Squirrels

ASOS Sweater / Old Navy Jeans / Naturalizer Boots from Piperlime / Gap Bag

Today my Mom and I went to the mall to with a few goals: to go to Sephora and get new makeup for me, to go to Nordstrom and buy some gloves for her and to look for some aviators for me.  For this quest I decided to wear this whimsical squirrel sweater, perfect for the continued record chilly weather we're having in the Central Valley.

Last night I saw Zero Dark Thirty (I loved it!)  and even before I saw it I knew it would motivate me to renew my quest for aviators that fit me. However, after trying on all the Ray-Ban and other brand aviators at Nordstrom, I couldn't find any that I thought looked good on me. This is a problem I have with aviators. I desperately want to be cool like Joe Biden and Maya in Zero Dark Thirty, but whenever I go to try them on I feel like I look like a mean lady cop. Alas, the quest continues. Instead,  I ended up finally buying a pair of real Ray-Bans Wayfarers  And given my obsession with and collection of cheap Wayfarers, it was probably a wise choice to invest.   Additionally, I was proud of myself that I resisted buying this amazing pair of Chanel cat-eye sunglasses that fit my face perfectly. #firstworldvictories

Ray-Ban Classic Wayfarer XL in Tortoise

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