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Author Style: Annameekee Hesik

When I told my friend and new teacher mentor, Annameekee Hesik,  that she should do a post on her blog on all her cute outfits from her book tour, she invited me to do a guest post on the topic instead. So here we are. Once you're done with this post make sure to read our interview too!

Annameekee has just published her first YA novel, The You Know Who Girls: Freshman Year. It is the first book of a planned four book series. She was inspired by how J.K. Rowling chronicled each of  Harry Potter's years at Hogwarts. Luckily for Annameekee's characters, non-magical high school doesn't take 7 years. Her book describes the adventures and coming out of the main character, Abbey. Annameekee's goal was to write a gay YA novel with relatable characters that mirrored the diversity of her upbringing in Tucson and her students in the Central Coast of California.

I loved the book and I know you will too! You can read more about it,  including my review (Julia) on Amazon.  For more information about Annameekee and her work, you can go to her website (including her blog) or  friend her on facebook: (Annameekee Hesik (YA Author). Her Twitter is currently recovering from an evil spammer (obviously a  jealous YA rival author, yes, I am starting that rumor here), so I won't send you there.

Back to the task at hand: fashion. Annameekee recently did her first bookstore readings.
While there's lots to love about this outfit above, one area I would like to focus on, particularly for you young adult readers, is the styling of the blazer. They don't call them wardrobe essentials for nothing.You're never too young to add a black blazer to your wardrobe. Not only will it serve you well at debate tournaments, you can use it to dress up any outfit, making an outfit at least 50% more sophisticated. In this case, the blazer screams "I am a published author. Hear my narrative voice!" Here are a few affordable  options:

1. Forever 21 2, Tinley Road on Piperlime (comes in a million colors!) 3. ASOS Curve (sizes 14-22) 

After the jump, lots more of Annameekee's outfits, look-alike items, my musings, her musings, and lots of shoes!

I couldn't find the exact sweater available to share with you, so I found some items that capture the lemon yellow, cream, and floral elements.

1. Old Navy 2. Nordstrom 3. Piperlime 4. Esty 5. Forever 21

Paired with the yellow floral sweater and the cream blouse and blazer ensembles, Annameekee wore a pair of classic cognac-colored heels. The rich brown goes particularly well with yellow, and avoids the problem of veering into bumble bee territory with a black shoe.  Here are a variety of options at different heel heights. I'm particularly obsessed with the Fryes in the middle. But  religious readers of my blog (Hi Mom! Edwin!) know I'm just  obsessed with Fryes in general.

1. Calvin Klein Jeans 2. French Sole 3.Frye 4. Calvin Klein Jeans 5. Nine West

Are you also a woman of height? Struggling with wearing heels? Suffocated by sartorial sexual orientation stereotypes? Here's an excerpt from Annameekee's blog where she discusses being tall & gay, but still rockin' a hot heel on occasion:

On Wearing High Heels Once in a While Even Though I Am a Tall Lesbian

In case you haven’t seen me yet in person, I should inform you that I am tall.  I am not CRAZY TALL, but tall enough so that people who don’t know me say things like, “You are tall.”  When I am doing my thing, you know living my cray cray life as a new teacher mentor, I don’t necessarily feel tall.  Of course, when I stand next to some of you shorties (shout out to my BFF, Caseymeekee), I do feel like a giant that could eat you alive, but in general, I feel “normal.”

In high school, I didn’t wear heels because I felt self-conscious about my height and because I couldn’t afford shoes that weren’t from Payless and the only heels at Payless were giant white boats that would only look right if I was at an Easter gathering or a wedding- my own. So, it was flats all through high school because, goddess help me, I wouldn’t want to encourage any more of those great nicknames- Jolly Green Giant, Olive Oil, and Big Bird to name a few.  But, once I grew older, wiser, and bolder (And got a job!), I said screw it!  I’m here, I’m queer, I’m tall, and I want to where some fancy ass heels! So, once in a while, I put on my sassy heels and go to work or go out and the people say, “You are tall,” and I say, “I know, huh!” 

At her first bookstore reading, at her local Bookshop Santa Cruz, Annameekee wore these pink suede pumps for good luck.

1. Mogan (only $20!)  2. Riverberry  from ShopNBC  3. Urban Outfitters

Finally, Annameekee is obsessed with rainbows and has this amazing rainbow umbrella. I found a similar version at Forever 21.

Forever 21

If you've made it all the way to the bottom of this post, again, make sure to check out The You Know Who Girls and visit for more information!

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  1. Hey there! I popped across from Patti's attracted by the books in the background! What an interesting author she sounds! Love the outfits too and rainbows are my thing too- brilliant umbrella!