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Style Interview: Annameekee Hesik

In my last post, I discussed the book tour style of Young Adult author Annameekee Hesik. She's recently had her first gay YA novel, The You Know Who Girls, published. She was also kind enough to grant me a sit down interview (and by that I mean we emailed and facebooked). So get ready to have your face blown off by Fashion & Histrionics first ever interview with a live human being!

Fashion & Histrionics: First question on everyone's mind: What is your inseam? 
Annameekee Hesik: 34 inches. I have extremely long legs! 

F & H: Now the important follow-up: where do you buy your jeans? 
AH: Gap always has "long" in store and I appreciate that...but the quality is lacking (Intervierer's note: It's good I don't work for them anymore!)  I went to Banana Republic for my skinny jeans and I couldn't believe they fit!  (Note: thank goodness she picked another member of the Gap family)They sell "long" online and they are cute. I tried on MANY jeans at Macy's and  NONE would even go over my lady hips.  Forget you, Macy's!!

F & H: Any general style tips for your long-legged sisters? 
AH: Give up on dresses.  They never make them long enough and end up fitting me all wrong.  Get yourself a tight pencil skirt and do not be afraid of those heels! I had not tried on Skinny jeans until I was shopping last month. When I opened the door, the fitting room assistant did a double take and said, "Oh yes, honey. You need to get those." If you got the legs, go for it! (and add the heels for extra fun!)

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F & H: Which stores do you shop at most frequently?
AH: I am a "shop locally" kind of girl. I like to go to Pacific Trading Company in Santa Cruz.  Otherwise, Banana Republic seems to fit my body and age. I don't understand what is happening at the Gap or Macy's. I walk in there and feel so confused! Why do we have to relive the 90's? It was bad then...and it doesn't look any better now. At least, not on me.

F & H:. What was your thought process when dressing for your readings and book tour?
(Note: see photos here)
AH:  I was looking for something sassy, hip, fresh. I must have told that to at least ten  sales associates. They all had different ideas about what was sassy, hip, fresh. 

F & H: You recently did a couple readings in Seattle, one of your hometowns. Are you a savvy packer? 
AH: I am a total overpacker to the point that if I only pack three pairs of shoes for a weekend trip, I am proud of myself. 
F & H: I would be proud of myself too. It's irresponsible to not have options.

F & H: What were you trying to accomplish in your outfits for your public appearances? 
AH:I wanted to look professional, but like someone who is in touch with fashion. I write for a younger audience (teens) so I wanted to got it...sassy, hip, and fresh. And, I mostly, I didn't want to wear any of my teacher garb. Blah. 

F & H: And for a follow-up redundant  question: How do you dress for an audience?
AH: Um, I like to look..sassy, a little hip, and certainly fresh. lol.

F & H: In the You Know Who Girls, your heroine Abbey Brooks undergoes a bit of a style transformation during her freshman year of high school. Did you have a similar relationship to clothing as Abbey? A girlfriend who encouraged you to dress more "grown-up"? Where can we expect Abbey's style to go?
AH: I STRUGGLED in high school finding pants that were long enough. And god help me, in the 90's, girls were pegging their pants, which means folding over the leg and rolling it up twice. So, I had to take pants that were already high waters and make them even shorter. Plus, I had little to no boobage when I started high school. I didn't discover proper undergarments until about junior year. It was really because I was poor. I would have definitely liked to have dressed "cooler" and "hipper" and "fresher".  As for Abbey, well, she will figure it out, too. She's already found the glory of push up bras, so we'll see!

F & H: On your blog, you discuss how clothing played a role the day you met your future wife. Any thoughts on expectations of "dressing like a lesbian" and the relationship between clothing and orientation/identity?
AH: When I was in high school, the out girls I knew were either butch or femme. I liked my long hair and painting my nails, so I went way over to the femme side in miniskirts and makeup.  After high school, I went through a "dyke self-discovery" and totally butched it up. Guy clothes, backwards hat, and only tennis shoes.  By the time I started attending UC Davis, I had found my own style. Yes, I like skirts and flowers and push up bras and cute chonies, but I also like to be sporty and comfy.  Then there was trying to figure out how to dress as a teacher. Oiy!  At first I was wearing overalls and jeans and ugly sweaters. When I transferred to the high school, I wanted to recreate my style once more. I started to wear more professional clothes and it made me feel, you will be shocked, more professional!  Now I dress up my jeans with nice tops and cute shoes and sport flowery skirts in the spring.  I have come a long way, but what I am most please with is that I no longer feel like I have to conform to what society thinks a lesbian should look like (ultra femme or ultra butch). I dress to feel good in my body and adjust it to my environment and purpose. And, I am really excited about my two new pairs of heels! Power to the tall girls in heels!!

F & H: Did you pick the jeans on the cover art? They're really cute.
AH: I picked the design and it was designed by Casey Chafouleas. Thanks Casey!

Thanks to Annameekee for her time and thoughtful responses and to you for reading!

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  1. Great interview, girls with long legs should definitely wear skinny jeans - great tip. Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you again.