Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Arrested Fashion: Bluth Wedding Style

The Bluths love a family gathering. And what family gathering is more important than a wedding. They step up their style appropriately.

George Michael & Maeby's Fake Wedding at the Hospital for the Alzheimer's patients:

After the jump, George Senior and Lucille renew their vows, and the whole family comes together to throw Michael and Rita a surprise wedding!

Renewing their vows. Lucille wears an adorable polka dot skirt and white bow blazer with age appropriate half-veil, the fugitive groom wears a Nordstrom's garmet bag
And finally Michael and Rita arrive to find a nuptial surprise:

The Couple
SURPRISE! We're throwing you a wedding.
Look at banner, Michael!
Father of the Groom: under house arrest.
Bridesmaid wearing inside out bridesmaid dress.
Love Lucille's look (especially the curled hair) and Buster's penguin suit.

Like Lucille, Maeby also broke out the curling iron for the special occasion.
George Michael opts for the young and modern approach without a bow tie. Is the suit his beloved Jack Welsh?
Even the Surrogate dressed up, all the members of the groom's party wore orchid corsages.
The Best Man
The Bride: Rita
Gob's "Walking on Water" Illusion


  1. Love Arrested Development! Great post - I'm a new follower!


  2. the #1 reason I am excited about England is their utter Rita-ness. The gangsters aren't scary because they sound like they just came from tea with the queen. The bimbos aren't dumb because it sounds like they are postulating on Sir Isaac Newton.