Saturday, April 2, 2011

Musings: "Body-con"

Apparently this season body conscious cut clothing is a trend. Okay. But making 'body-con' a trend is not. If something is fitted, just say so.  If it's slutty, we know it is, so just stop making up euphemisms for a tight dress. I'm not saying it's always slutty, I'm just saying the term is stupid and not a real thing. And if you are saying 'body-conscious' enough that you need to shorten it to save time, then that is a sign that you might be dressing too tight. That being said, here are some examples that I think are cute on the right body type (i.e. other people).

 Delia*s "Striped Body-Con Dress"

Forever 21+ Printed Bodycon Skirt
Over at Forever 21, they're calling it bodycon in one word, not even hyphenating. I don't think this is a wise trend for plus sizes such in the skirt above, but I really do like that print so I guess just a skirt (not dress) is okay.  F21 is the perfect place for someone looking to these silhouettes out, it's not a trend that deserves a major investment.
Forever 21: Striped Bodycon Skirt

F21: Electric Bodycon Dress
Delia*s: Tropical Body-con skirt
Splendid Dress
Balancing out the skirt is a good idea.  I also like how they just say 'fitted bottom layer', which is what it is, not making up new terms.

Riller & Fount Snooki Mini Dress
So, in conclusion, I am not totally against this trend, but think it should be warn with caution. Most importantly, I just think 'body-con' is a stupid term. Thank you.

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