Saturday, December 3, 2011

What I Wore: Teachers Night Out

This week marked the end of all my projects for my first Quarter in my Teaching Credential/MA program. Needless to say we were all burned out and ready to celebrate turning in our big curriculum units. It was a couple of guys in the cohort (the group of fellow Social Studies teachers) birthday, so we stayed in and then headed out downtown. Here's how I overdressed, first the crazy leggings.

Forever 21 +

I know the picture's not very flattering, but I was focused on earning a "Good" singing "Islands in the Stream" on American Idol, not my posture:

After the jump, the rest of the pieces that tie it all together:

Old Navy
ASOS has lots of cute, affordable belts. This one below is from the curve line, but also comes in the main collection.
ASOS Curve

Old Navy

Old Navy's ballerines really fit me well, and I'm enjoying the velvet versions for winter. I've gotten the black and navy, and am tempted to get the red except for the fact that I already have a pair of red velvet Gap City Flats. Two red velvet flats might be unnecessary. 

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