Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Festival of Lights: ASOS Curve's Collection in Blue

Tonight is the first night of Hannukah. And though I'm not Jewish, it makes me want to look at lovely blue dresses. ASOS Curve is having a really big sale, here are some blue dresses and skirts perfect for the occasion.

 Here's what Michelle and the President wore for the White House event:

via Mrs.O
Lace Dress with High Neck

Double Pleat Shift
Midi Brocade Skirt
Smock Dress
Swing Dress with Large Sequins


  1. okay. so many beautiful blue dresses. um love! i really really adore that blue smocked dress. it is beautiful.

    stopping by from ff&p

  2. The Obamas always look so glamorous! Michelle looks amazing in that shade of blue.

    And I am so obsessed with Asos. They never let me down!

  3. I <3 Michelle Obama. and I covet her dress!

  4. Love the pic of The Obamas!! Her dress is gorgeous! New Fashion Friday Follower:)

  5. Love the blue on Mrs. President and that last swing dress with the big sequins! Love that you came to NYC for a little romance and fashion! Found you from the Fashion Friday link. I invite you to join my fashion mingle here:


    We post it every Monday, but it remains open for a week. Cheers!

  6. The Obamas look AMAZING. I love that shade of blue. Thanks for linking up this week!