Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Obession du jour: Prabal Gurung for Target

Like everyone else in the universe, I love me a Target designer collaboration. Did I know who this Prabal Gurung was before the collection? No. Did I still have to double check his name when typing the last sentence? Yes. None of this diminishes that I really like the prints and colors in his capsule collection for Target.

Forever 21 Belt

In order to get this long t-shirt, I cut off the  ruffle hem of the drop waist dress. That styling does not do me any favors, as I discovered in 10th grade English during our Great Gatsby unit wrap up party. Drop waists are for women with boyish shapes, or at least more boyish shapes than mine.

Drop Waist Dress

Once I cut the hem off, I found that it was the perfect length to loop around my neck and wear as a scarf!

Forever 21 Cardigan

And finally I picked up a couple pairs of shoes from the collection. Keep an eye out on the blog in the future, I have big plans for them.

Wedge Sandal (also in black & white) / Flat Sandal (also in yellow)


  1. What did you think of the flat sandals with metal in terms of sizing and construction? Do they run true to size?

    1. They fit in my normal size, yes. The metal is actually a shiny, bendable, plastic material, but it doesn't look cheap.